Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Green Kiwi w/ Bagoong

I've been eating a lot of bento these days. And no, I'm not in Japan.

I moved to a new hub.

There I'll post everything combined.

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It's in  Middle Earth.

Monday, April 15, 2013


My latest photo haul from my phone. Unlike these & these, this set is not as vintage-y as those. It has a date, yes. It was this month, the day after my birthday.

My date_ my bff who never missed my birthday but just this one. Feeling guilty I guess, haha, the following day she had  nailed me to have lunch with her.

Both of us had commitments after lunch so we decided not to go far. Good thing Southmall with the Food Street,  has now some decent resto to offer. Not so many options thu'. I frequent most of them_ Mesa, Almon Marina, Black Canyon Coffee, Burgoo..

.. but it was my first at Sambokojin. It's the only buffet resto in this mall and always with the longest q ever. I arrived first and when I saw Sambokojin q less that day, I got a table and call my friend who was on the way, to proceed to this yakiniku place. It's not even expensive. It's very YakiMix-y.

It was a Tuesday and had just opened for lunch which made this favorite buffet in the South less crowded than usual that day. But after a while the whole resto got full as usual anyway.

So here were our first servings. Mine is the one near you. I know, my plate here is already big compared to my past buffet plates. But that was all I got plus my big dessert plate ofcourse. It's my date who is big on buffet. That's her fist plate and I lost count how much more she refilled her plate, haha.

Our shared sushi plate. Idk if I was just extra hungry then, but I love their sushi here.

Then buffet was over for me and I started with my big dessert portion with a cup of fruits..

.. and pastries. But these you can skip cos as usual in buffet like this, they are the over the counter bakeshop type that are just eye candy but nothing special in taste. I actually got them only for photo cos it was my birthday! haha.

Buffet was not over for my friend thu'. She's just had begun, haha. The watermelon? It's like her sorbet in between dishes to wash the previous, before her next plate, get it? I super envy her mega active metabolism. She really eats huge and never gets fat, ever! Makes her at ease on buffet without any effort of control. Lucky girl. While I and the rest of motherhood I guess,  have to activate to the strongest power the discipline/control button, so just  not to overeat. Not easy, I tell you.

While bestfriend was loading up, I was enjoying myself nibbling cup after cup of spicy dilis (dried anchovy), I dipped them in the special Sanbokojin sauce I found on the dining table. Love it!

While on the dilis trip, I also enjoyed the sweet fresh pineapple cuts on the side. Chitchats with bestfriend going and going..

..still goin', until we realized we were the only lighted table left and literally the only ones in the resto. The buffet had already closed for lunch and preparing/waiting for dinner buffet. haha.

Time to go. We really enjoyed this buffet. We both agreed that it's way better than Yakimix in all aspect.

And since no one's around except us, I could now have my shameless photo op with Sambo Kojin ( I guess? ), the Kitchen God.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cafe Mary Grace

If not doing instagram and having dormant tweeter acct. would  mean living under a rock. Then I plead guilty, haha. No one cares anyway. I don't, haha. As I mentioned   here, I've started cleaning up my phone. Some more from my poor photo overloaded phone :

Looks like somewhere nice but not in a mall , right? It's Cafe Mary Grace at Southmall ( Las Pinas ).

Tables are quite interesting.. No, the letter was not from me.

Again I lost track of the date here, but I'm sure it was earlier this year, based on my hair, haha. I don't like the light here thu'. Not working well with my cam phone, my age is showing here, haha.

I had my favorite prawn salad with mango papaya vinaigrette ...

.. split with my date, older daughter.  We both love this salad. I could eat this everyday.

And a slice of mango bene which we shared. yum!

We only had those two and we were contented. We took home a box of brownies for the younger daughter at home. I love Cafe Mary Grace.

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