Friday, April 12, 2013

Dino Buffet @ Movie Stars Cafe

Finally I was able to use my vouchers ( bought from Metrodeal ) at Movie Stars Cafe in MOA. I bought them last February, planned to use them for an eat out with my teens on V-day but already it was fully booked. Continued to be fully booked the whole month of March everytime I tried to book. No wonder, Metrodeal sold near 14k vouchers ( got the figure from voucher store site ). Omg, how on earth would they manage to accommodate those buyers ( including me ) in a period of 3 months if not fully booked    everyday.

Then I tried on a Monday last week, again replied by familiar "fully booked tonight", wt#. I insisted and wt# I was given a table, finally.

I didn't mind the location of our table at the buffet area which view to the stage show was blocked. I could careless about the show, I only wanted to use the vouchers and eat, haha.

It's a movie themed resto down to the servers who are  in characters..

.. and also the same people/characters who perform on stage.

The buffet is called Dino Buffet. The spread is predominantly meat dishes. Burgers and sausages.Wt#, ofcourse dino is carnivorous! If you want a healthy buffet, go to a cow buffet if there's one around, haha.

juicy burgers. too filling for me, I didn't finish mine.

some meat dish

some fried dishes

You'll be mad at me cos I eat like a bird on buffet. It's intentional.

And my plate is usually as boring as this ( photo ). My first serving. The burgers I didn't even finish.

My weakness thu' is dessert. I'm big on sweets and fruits. I guess that's my primary source of fats.

Brother tried to wash off his meat overloading with fruits.

My girls liked the cake. This ( photo ) one particularly with blueberry.

The buffet failed in comparison to many other buffet I had been. But come to think of the voucher price, not bad. My teens like the fun ambiance thu and had a good time.

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